The Evil Mannequins (The microcosm), by Pierre Charette

Editions Dedicaces
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Michel, an anxious man, will see his life turned upside down in an instant when he is forced to be confined to his true nature.

The forces of evil no longer want to destroy humanity, knowing well that the majority of human beings love duality, the forces of evil now prefers to make humanity suffer.

The Warriors of Light will have to reunite together for the first time. Now is the time to fight, the veil is lifted and we will see true human nature at work.


Pierre Charette, empathetic author, brought together all his characters from his first novel, Deadly Dream, and his second novel, Love in Death, in this third novel, all published by Éditions Dédicaces.

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    6 x 9 po.
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The Evil Mannequins (The microcosm), by Pierre Charette

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